Townes Van Zandt

Townes Van Zandt: Townes Van Zandt

Album #70 - September 1969

Episode date - May 23, 2018

The Alternative Top 40

    Just last week, we focused our show on an album made by Nick Drake, an incredibly talented British songwriter and performer who made a fantastic album that everyone ignored until he was dead. This week, (with an album that just happened to be released at approximately the same time as Drake’s album), we move our focus to an album by Townes Van Zandt, an incredibly talented songwriter based in Texas who also  made a fantastic album that everyone ignored until he was dead.

    The men could not have been much more different from one another, but the coincidences go even deeper. Both were from reasonably well-to-do families. Both shunned the privileges of that wealth, and both were exceptionally bright but plagued by depression. The circumstances of their lives, quite naturally, can be interpreted as exceptionally sad, but each of them added an incredibly strong spiritual quality to their songs, which made them seem richer and more potent than anything else at the time. “Townes Van Zandt’s eponymously titled album was his third.

    Featured songs include;

    For the Sake of the Song


    Waitin’ Around to Die

    Don’t Take It Too Bad

    Colorado Girl


    I’ll Be There in the Morning

    Fare Thee Well, Miss Carousel

    Quicksilver Dreams of Maria

    None But the Rain

    September 1969 - Billboard Did Not Chart

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